Affiliate Marketing Fairy Tales! Know Your Own BIZ!!

There are many “fairy tales” circulating around out there about affiliate marketing, and is what causes businesses to look the other way when it comes to starting an affiliate program. This furthermore discourages people looking to start their very own affiliate marketing business selling other people’s products for a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative option for a business who has products as well as for partners that are interested in selling those products on a commission basis. Let’s look at some of the fairy tales that are circulating around out there about affiliate marketing and how each of these fairy tales can affect you and where you want to go with your business.

Fairy Tale #1: Affiliate marketing or starting your own program is simple to run

Well, this could not be farther from the truth. As a business owner, running your own affiliate program is not easy. It requires a lot of work on your part unless you are willing to hire an actual affiliate manager. That’s more money out of your pocket, which can be a pitfall when it comes to running your own program. Many businesses get into this way too fast, so do your research first!

Now, it’s a different experience for an actual affiliate. We are affiliate marketers and also run our own affiliate program for our own products. The grass is a bit greener on this side of the pasture. Despite the fairy tales of how easy being an affiliate marketer are, we would be the first to tell you that it requires patients and good old elbow grease to be successful at it. It is work, and work is a “dirty” word in marketing, but in the interest of the truth, it will require some work on your part.

Fairy Tale #2: There are only a few niches that you can be successful in as an affiliate

This again is another complete fairy tale. You can run a successful affiliate marketing business in any niche as long as it’s a good product that resonates with that niche. Let us use this example: There is a guy on Clickbank that sells his guide to building chicken coops. This is one of those weird niches that you would think would fail, right? Well this guy has sold over $100k worth of downloads of this eBook. Now that’s impressive!! Proves our point though that any niche can be effective if you have a product to fit what the market is looking for.

Now, it is true that the popular niches like the home business niche and the weight loss niche do very well. These are the largest niches on the market and sell billions of dollars’ worth of product every year. So ask yourself, “do you think you could market a product and make a fraction of that for a part time income”? Sure you could!!

Fairy Tale #3: Affiliate marketing is dead and gone! It’d old and doesn’t work anymore!

This is a complete fairy tale. Let us tell you why! We have been involved in sales for almost 20 years now and by far affiliate marketing has contributed to most of our income generation. It’s not old or outdated, it’s very alive and well! As long as there are products to sell there will always be affiliate marketing!

However, when Google changed their algorithms, it did have a pretty big impact on affiliate marketers. Google is just not a fan of it and they make no bones about it, but we smart marketers found ways around this problem and have since been able to thrive as usual! Where there is a will, there is a way!

Fairy Tale #3: A successful affiliate marketer gets the product on lots of sites!

This is actually the worst thing you can do! You will blow your budget quickly and have very few results to show for it. This is a big mistake that new affiliate marketers make. It’s all about quality and far less about quantity. You have to really target your market that you are trying to reach. Would you try to sell a comb to a bald guy (no offense bald guys)! No, of course you wouldn’t! So it’s important to target websites and advertising platforms that can cater to the niche you are working in. Place your ads there and you will see a far better result!

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