Did Steve Jobs aspire to be a CEO? Are you the CEO of your life?

Let’s just face it. You are what you call yourself. You are what you believe yourself to be. Me, personally, as a military spouse, I called myself just that. But somehow being JUST a military spouse didn’t resonate with how important I really am in the family “Unit” (You can probably relate in your situation).

If you ask the I.R.S. what I am they will say I am the head of the household. But again, something about that term is not as majestic as it should, would, or could be.

So I have renamed myself and so should you. We are the CEO of our own lives. Something about that sounds much more powerful!

As Chief Executive Officer YOU make the final decisions on everything that happens, not only within your family, but within yourself. You are the final decision maker when it comes to your success and your failures, your happiness and your sadness, your loves and your hates, your ups and your downs.

NO ONE else has control over your life. Sure, others can make suggestions, but when it is all said and done, YOU CHOOSE to control your destiny.

Your spouse or your significant other may offer you an idea, but when the rubber meets the road YOU CHOOSE to listen to them or not.

A years ago I CHOSE to follow my dream of starting my own business as a military spouse and disabled veteran. Little did I realize that action would catapult me to where I am now; coaching military, military spouses and veterans and helping them fulfill their dreams is very rewarding! Yes, I am CEO of my own LIFE, Master of my own dream, Driver of my own destiny, Creator of my own future; I am what my mom used to call “a shot caller.” I call MY OWN shots!

I realized that this LIFE would not last forever and that if I didn’t take charge of my future, then who would? Or would I continue to drift along in the wind like seeds from a dandelion in summer, being blown whichever way OTHERS wanted me to go.

So I am asking you to please claim YOUR title. Look at the three steps below to work your way towards becoming your own CEO and resist hostile takeovers of YOURSELF from outside sources.

Follow your dream – No matter what it takes dig deep, find out what you want, and stop at nothing to find the tools and resources to build YOUR DREAM.

Know your value – It doesn’t matter if you are a mom/dad, significant other, college student, or whatever, YOU are the CEO of your own destiny. Act like it!

Handle your business – As CEO your number one business is YOU. Even if you are a mom, dad or have no kids and just work. You can’t take care of everything and hold a job if you don’t put YOURSELF first. I know this is a struggle because I still struggle with this at times as well, however if we continue to work and focus on this area, it gets better.

We can’t continue to ignore the important things in life. Is your family important? Of course it is! But, it’s time for you to Hold your head up and become CEO of your OWN Destiny!


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Until next time (:

Jason and Erika Miller